Mumbai mayor cup field -indoor archery championship 2017

  • Mumbai mayor cup field -indoor archery championship 2017
  • Bow style : Barebow Bamboo Wooden (Indian Bow Takedown), Bamboo Wooden (Indian Bow Takedown), Barebow Recurve, Barebow Compound, Freestyle Limited Recurve, Freestyle Limited Compound, Freestyle Unlimited Recurve, Freestyle Unlimited Compound, Bow Hunter Recurve, Bow Hunter Compound, Bow Hunter Unlimited, Bow Hunter Limited, Long Bow, Historical Bow
  • Tournament venue : Andheri Sports Complex, Andheri (West), Mumbai,Maharashtra.
  • Held on 13th April, 2017 to 16th April, 2017
  • Reporting 13th April, 2017, Evening 4:00 onwards
  • Id card will be given at tournament venue on 13th April 2017
  • last date for registration : 10th April 2017

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Why Mumbai Mayor Cup?

Mumbai Mayor Cup is played for various games and in which Field Archery's Indoor Section is included from last 4 year, every year its held in Mumbai and every year its getting more popular approx 450 to 500 Archers participates every year in it from all over India this year we have decided to make it open for all if any country also likes visit and participate we welcome them. The Championship is in heart of Mumbai that is Andheri, Andheri itself has the international Airport, The venue is hardly 6 kms away from the international Airport, for the players who come by train from India itself the venue is just 20kms from the stadium, it has the Access from the Mumbai Metro from Andheri Railway Station and from the International Airport, there is nice beaches in Andheri itself just 2kms from the Sports Complex, There is More ancient Caves also for the Tourism near by Andheri.

Shri Vishwanath Mahadeshwar
(Mayor of Mumbai)

Smt Snehal Ambekar
(Mayor of Mumbai)

Shri Aditya Thackrey
(President of Yuva Sena)

Shri Subhash Desai
(Industrial Minister)

Shri Sunil Prabhu
(Ex Mayor of Mumbai)

Smt Shraddha Jadhav
(Ex Mayor of Mumbai)

Shri Subhash Nair
(General Sercretary)

Shri Santosh Sonawane
(President of Mumbai Archery Association)

Shri Sitaram Chavan
(Treasurer of Mumbai Archery Association)

Something about Mumbai Mayor Cup

Shri Sunil Prabu, Ex Mayor of Mumbai witnessing and Encouraging Archers.

Mr Shreyas Talpade a very welknown Filmstar and Celebrity witnessing the Mumbai Mayor Cup National Indoor Archery Championship 2013.

Shri Mahabali Satpal, President for School Games Federation of India, Mr Shreyas Talpade a very welknown Filmstar and Celebrity, Shri Harpal Singh Flora President of Rope Skipping Federation of India (RSFI), Shri Nirdesh Sharma, Secretary for RSFI