List of participants for Mayor Cup 2017

(Age group)
(In which style you want to play)
Sr. No. Archer's Name Gender Dob City State Category Bow Style Mayor Cup Id Payment Status
Pranav S. Ambruskar Male 29-12-2012 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee66 Pending
1 Rohit Balu B. Patil Male 06-07-1998 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee65 Pending
2 Atharva V. Padwalkar Male 14-05-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee63 Pending
3 Krish J. Sheth Male 27-12-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee62 Pending
4 Mandar R. Tijare Male 08-09-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee61 Pending
5 Sahil S. Ghag Male 20-09-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee60 Pending
6 Kohana A. Swamy Female 14-04-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee59 Pending
7 Krrish G. Jadhav Male 25-04-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee58 Pending
8 Noopur S. Bapardekar Female 03-01-1997 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound EEEE57 Done
9 Jayant R. Sathghare Male 06-10-1973 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee55 Done
10 Mudasir Ahmad Bhat Male 04-10-1998 Other Jammu & Kashmir Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee54 Done
11 Mohammad Sufiyan Bhat Male 18-11-1997 Other Jammu & Kashmir Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee53 Done
12 Mansha Kohli Female 26-05-1998 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee49 Done
13 Gurjeev Kohli Male 06-12-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee48 Done
14 Tanishqa P. Bhujbal Female 24-12-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee47 Done
15 Anil Kumar Hs Male 26-07-1992 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee46 Pending
16 Ponnappa S Male 16-07-1994 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee45 Pending
17 Jayaprakash K Male 10-10-1997 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee44 Pending
18 Vinay Kumar S Male 28-07-1995 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee43 Pending
19 Santosh Kumar Jaiswal Male 03-08-1985 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee41 Pending
20 Bhaveh Hareshvar Bhagat Male 01-05-2002 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee40 Pending
21 Pranit Pankaj Pawar Male 12-10-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee39 Pending
22 Rupali Maruti Gondhali Female 21-12-1999 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee38 Pending
23 Raj Santosh Patil Male 05-01-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee37 Pending
24 Shubhaankar Amit Patil Male 24-09-2007 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee36 Pending
25 Avanish Ashish Kore Male 04-12-2007 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee35 Pending
26 Harshraj Mangesh Mardhekar Male 01-06-2010 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee34 Pending
27 V. Jaidev Male 04-04-2008 Other Telangana Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee33 Done
28 Manas Anasaheb Kale Male 20-08-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee32 Pending
29 V. Joshita Female 13-11-2010 Other Telangana Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee31 Done
30 Aditya P Patane Male 18-11-2010 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee30 Pending
31 Shubhanan Dinesh Gavand Male 29-12-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve eeee29 Pending
32 Mukesh Charandas Gurdale Male 11-10-1993 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee28 Pending
33 Vedant A. Parekh Male 24-07-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee26 Done
34 Vishal S. Kadam Male 27-03-1995 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee25 Pending
35 Hritik S. Jangam Male 01-10-2000 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee24 Pending
36 Aryan P. Patil Male 31-01-2002 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee23 Pending
37 Labhesh R. Teli Male 09-07-1998 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee22 Pending
38 Sarvesh N. Thale Male 21-09-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee21 Pending
39 Sankalp D. Ambrale Male 23-09-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee20 Pending
40 Omkar R. Kank Male 23-09-1999 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee19 Pending
41 Samrjeet S. Patil Male 30-04-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee18 Pending
42 Nakul D. Sukanande Male 30-06-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee17 Pending
43 Aryan G. Kaulge Male 18-01-2011 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee16 Pending
44 Lalantika O. Sl Female 14-11-2005 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee15 Done
45 Yatin Niteesh V. P Male 28-06-2007 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden eeee14 Done
46 Surekaa Ponmurugan Female 22-06-2001 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve eeee13 Done
47 Yusuf Mohamad A. Mohamedy Male 21-01-1997 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee12 Done
48 Sharvari S. Shende Female 07-08-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee11 Done
49 Kunal R. Taware Male 12-11-1994 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee10 Done
50 Sanjay A. Lokare Male 01-06-1981 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee09 Done
51 Pranav S. Sankpal Male 07-09-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden eeee08 Done
52 Purab P. Parmar Male 28-08-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee07 Done
53 Samarth Anup Agrawal Male 27-11-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee06 Done
54 Rachel Thomas Female 24-08-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden eeee05 Done
55 Akash S. Udugade Male 05-04-1993 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee04 Pending
56 Hriday B. Shah Male 28-11-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound eeee02 Done
57 Ishita Sushil Paigankar Female 16-03-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound EEEE01 Done
58 Aryan S. Vartak Male 15-09-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD99 Pending
59 Isha M. Shadge Female 11-08-2007 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD98 Pending
60 Riya S. Jadhav Female 31-05-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD97 Pending
61 Anant Arya J. Male 18-11-2003 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Recurve DDDD96 Done
62 Ajay Vedvan N. Male 01-01-2005 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD95 Done
63 Shivam Vedvan S. Male 19-03-2005 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD94 Done
64 Rohit Rathi N. Male 11-04-2006 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Recurve DDDD93 Done
65 Harshit Vedvan B. Male 11-10-2004 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD92 Done
66 Ashutosh Chauhan N. Male 13-10-1999 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD91 Done
67 Shivpraksh O. Gupta Male 01-03-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD90 Pending
68 Kundan Singh J. Male 10-02-1995 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD88 Done
69 Gajendra Pandey S. Male 09-02-2002 Uttar Pradesh Bamboo Wooden DDDD87 Done
70 Bhuvaneshwari S. Bhujbal Female 27-04-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD85 Done
71 Ajay S. Sreepathi Male 01-07-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD84 Done
72 Ajit S. Sreepathi Male 29-05-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Recurve DDDD83 Done
73 Madhira Shri Brinda Female 27-03-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD82 Done
74 Moksha P. Karimbil Female 17-02-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD81 Done
75 Pratik A. Patil Male 26-03-2007 Other Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD80 Done
76 Yukti S. Raut Female 27-10-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD79 Done
77 Omar Abdur W. Rahman Male 09-07-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD78 Pending
78 Madhira Sai Lokeshwar Reddy Male 13-03-2006 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD77 Done
79 Rutik A. Vibhute Male 10-03-1999 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD76 Done
80 Manav Mehra C. Parakash Male 05-01-2001 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD75 Pending
81 Govind Hembram S. Hembram Male 01-01-1995 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD74 Pending
82 Dev Male 10-06-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD73 Done
83 Jagannath S. Shetkar Male 11-11-1995 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD72 Pending
84 Amritpal Singh G. Singh Male 20-10-2000 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD71 Pending
85 Mahipal Singh Male 09-05-1996 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD70 Done
86 Arjun Singh A. Male 14-01-2014 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Recurve DDDD69 Done
87 Pratik Y. Shirke Male 05-04-2002 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD68 Done
88 Gurdeep Singh T. Singh Male 10-09-1995 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD67 Pending
89 Aditya Avinash Bansode Male 15-10-2003 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD66 Done
90 Moksh Dhir R. Dhir Male 12-01-2004 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD65 Pending
91 Parasdeep X P. Kumar Male 07-11-2001 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD64 Pending
92 Rohit X T. Chand Male 01-08-2000 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD63 Pending
93 Anand Kumar A. Jha Male 27-04-1999 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD62 Pending
94 Jatin Kainth M. Parkash Male 03-11-2000 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD61 Pending
95 Addhyan X A. Chawala Male 06-08-2007 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD60 Pending
96 Abhimanyu X V. Rathoure Male 24-02-2006 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD59 Pending
97 Ravula Arihanth Male 31-07-2009 Telangana Freestyle Recurve DDDD58 Done
98 Advitiya X X. X Male 06-12-2004 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD57 Pending
99 Mamtaj Khatun A. Mallick Female 05-06-1998 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD56 Pending
100 Sima Deb K. Singha Female 16-02-2000 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD55 Pending
101 Divjot Sidhu S. Singh Female 02-04-1998 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD54 Pending
102 Mandra Rajbanshi X. X Female 28-02-1999 Punjab Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD53 Pending
103 Navjot Kaur G. Singh Female 04-05-2002 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD52 Pending
104 Sehajbir Singh S. Singh Male 19-07-2003 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD50 Pending
105 Neeraj Kumar R. Kumar Male 15-11-2003 Punjab Bamboo Wooden DDDD48 Pending
106 Roshan S. Balkawade Male 02-06-2002 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD47 Done
107 Gursagar Singh G. Singh Male 23-05-2003 Punjab Freestyle Recurve DDDD46 Pending
108 Baleshwar R. Tiwari Male 7-7-2000 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD45 Done
109 Aarushi Sushil Paigankar Female 31-05-2001 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD44 Done
110 Pooja D. Kumari Female 12-02-1994 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD43 Pending
111 Kaustubh Manoj Sule Male 15-05-2002 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD42 Done
112 Ankit M. Raushan Male 02-07-2004 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD41 Pending
113 Reyaansh Manish Thakur Male 16-01-2010 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD40 Done
114 Saroj S. Kumar Male 15-11-1999 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD39 Pending
115 Jividha Naresh Patel Female 31-07-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD38 Done
116 Riya P. Kulkarni Female 31-01-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD37 Done
117 Rajratna Sudhakar Gade Male 06-04-2000 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD36 Done
118 Saurabh S. Kumar Male 25-08-2000 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD35 Pending
119 Sonam S. Shandilya Female 17-06-2003 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD33 Pending
120 Ashish R. Kumar Male 16-08-2006 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD32 Pending
121 Harsh S. Shandilya Male 08-01-2002 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD31 Pending
122 Vaishali V. Singh Female 24-07-2005 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD30 Pending
123 Tanikella Udita Utkarshini Female 23-04-2014 Telangana Barebow Recurve DDDD29 Done
124 P.v. Sai Vamsi Male 15-10-2001 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD27 Done
125 Tanikella Usha Female 18/09/1973 Telangana Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD26 Done
126 Soni D. Kumari Female 09-03-2005 Bihar Bamboo Wooden DDDD25 Pending
127 Sare Lakshmi Teja Male 20-06-1990 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD24 Done
128 Pullagura Adinarayana Male 14-05-1979 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD23 Done
129 R.k. Siddartha Reddy Male 10-10-2001 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD22 Done
130 Ashok B. Mache Male 26-07-1981 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD21 Done
131 Parth J. Paliwal Male 13-04-2006 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD20 Done
132 Gajendra S. Shinde Male 15-02-2004 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD19 Done
133 Godugu Tharun Teja Male 04-02-2002 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD18 Done
134 Trupti P. Bansode Female 14-01-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD17 Pending
135 Koppala Ravibabu Male 20-01-2000 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD16 Done
136 Varkish Nadal R. Male 07-05-2008 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve DDDD15 Done
137 Sagar R. Berde Male 05-12-1991 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD14 Done
138 Anuj G. Arora Male 29-01-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD13 Pending
139 Meet A. Patil Male 14-10-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD12 Done
140 Kundlik N. Athave Male 05-04-1990 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD11 Done
141 Sreedhar O Male 18-09-1971 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD10 Done
142 Kashish P. Pal Male 10-11-1987 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD09 Pending
143 Tanmay B. Nirmal Male 22-11-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound DDDD07 Pending
144 Sachin S. Mohite Male 07-08-1991 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD05 Done
145 Dhruv Dinar Desai Male 15-11-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve DDDD04 Done
146 Sanjeev Sriram Male 25-04-2013 Karnataka Barebow Recurve DDDD03 Done
147 Sejal Bhaskar Gawde Female 01-10-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden DDDD02 Done
148 Shaurya Mangesh Joshi Male 14-06-2010 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden DDDD01 Done
149 Shreedhar Deepak D. Joshi Male 31-03-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC99 Pending
150 Chittiboina Vijaya Kumar Male 15-07-1984 Andhra Pradesh Barebow Recurve CCCC98 Done
151 Aravind Kumar S. D Male 26-09-2002 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC97 Done
152 Pullagura Manaswini Female 17-09-2009 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC96 Done
153 Sri Vardhini N. Female 01-03-2005 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC95 Done
154 Mopuri Vikram Reddy Male 15-07-2000 Andhra Pradesh Barebow Recurve CCCC94 Done
155 Sagar S. Acharya Male 24-11-2000 Karnataka Freestyle Recurve CCCC93 Done
156 Jayasimha S. Male 21-06-1989 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC92 Done
157 Rohith. A. Ka Male 31-05-2004 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC91 Done
158 Ravi Shankar N. Male 02-04-1971 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC90 Done
159 Dinakaran K. Male 10-05-1989 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC89 Done
160 Jaishree M. Female 27-07-2010 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC88 Done
161 Dharshan P. G Male 24-10-2008 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC87 Done
162 Vishwakiran G. Male 21-08-1990 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC86 Done
163 Pranav M. Male 27-02-2011 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC84 Done
164 Divakar M. Male 30-10-2008 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC83 Done
165 Shiva Chaithanya B. Male 16-05-1996 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC81 Done
166 Vutti Akshaisai S. Male 21-10-2005 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC79 Done
167 Sujan S. Male 04-05-2010 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC78 Done
168 Karthick Hariharan M. Male 02-07-2008 Tamil Nadu Barebow Compound CCCC77 Done
169 Poornachandra V. Male 15-07-1994 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC76 Done
170 Shirisha K. Female 04-11-1994 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC75 Done
171 Antariksh V. Gurao Male 27-11-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC74 Done
172 P.v. Sai Srinivasa Male 25-06-2009 Andhra Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC73 Done
173 Kaushik M. Male 17-05-2010 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC71 Done
174 Kaushik M. Male 17-05-2010 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC70 Pending
175 Aarya P. Bagde Female 24-03-2005 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC69 Done
176 Sanil S. Zoting Male 13-02-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC68 Done
177 Keerthana K. Ramesh Female 18-08-2001 Karnataka Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC67 Done
178 Aadit A. Vanjari Male 24-05-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC66 Pending
179 Aryan P. Male 15-12-2004 Telangana Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC65 Done
180 Sriswar S. Male 13-06-2010 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC64 Done
181 Sre Harini Shankar Female 21-11-2012 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC63 Done
182 Sri Hari Shankar Male 21-11-2012 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC62 Done
183 Shivam S. Dabhole Male 31-01-2004 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC61 Done
184 Tanay R. Thakkar Male 25-01-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC60 Pending
185 Muhammad Uamar .m. Farooque Male 11-11-1973 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC59 Done
186 Soham M. Chavan Male 13-05-2004 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC58 Done
187 Yashwanti V. Gujar Female 11-01-2002 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC57 Done
188 Akansha A. Shelke Female 27-10-2004 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC55 Done
189 Kanishk S. Daga Male 18-11-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC54 Pending
190 Shreya D. Patil Female 08-12-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC53 Done
191 Teerth D. Shetty Male 24-06-2004 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC52 Pending
192 Athena D. Veeraiyan Female 17-02-2010 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC51 Done
193 Thanisha D. Female 18-10-2007 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC50 Done
194 Om N. Savanekar Male 21-02-2000 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC49 Pending
195 Ishwari S. Talekar Female 15-05-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC48 Done
196 Krishna O. Male 03-09-2010 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC46 Done
197 Raj J. Patil Male 04-06-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC45 Done
198 Yogini D. Patil Female 21-10-2001 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC44 Done
199 Amman V. Pandde Male 05-09-2002 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC43 Done
200 Mithun S. Male 06-03-2004 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC42 Done
201 Siddharth M. M Male 20-12-2004 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC41 Done
202 Aishwarya R. Female 20-08-2004 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve CCCC39 Done
203 Gowrish Pranav C. V Male 01-11-2007 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC38 Done
204 Kanisk G. R Male 08-09-2003 Tamil Nadu Bamboo Wooden CCCC37 Done
205 Aditi S. Awad Female 23-06-2004 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC36 Done
206 Kaushal V. Kadam Male 29-10-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC34 Done
207 Soham S. Pashte Male 25-06-2003 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC33 Done
208 Avinash O. Pandey Male 19-01-2003 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC32 Done
209 Kumudh R. Wadekar Male 01-03-2004 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC30 Done
210 Dhanshree S. Pawar Female 14-10-2010 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC29 Done
211 Yug Gupta A. Male 15-09-2009 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Recurve CCCC27 Done
212 Aryan Sahu G. Male 08-06-2006 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Recurve CCCC26 Done
213 Tejas M. Bidamia Male 14-12-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden CCCC25 Done
214 Akhilesh G. Angre Male 06-05-2003 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC24 Done
215 Amit Kumar Singh Tomar Male 31-05-1981 Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC23 Done
216 Arya D. Brid Male 16-12-2008 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC22 Done
217 Krupa B. Satghare Female 05-09-2007 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC21 Done
218 Sushmita Subhash S. Kamble Female 02-06-2002 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC20 Done
219 Pranav M. Shinde Male 15-06-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC19 Done
220 Ashish A. Hirgond Male 08-11-2005 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC17 Done
221 Tanish S. Kerkar Male 12-10-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC16 Pending
222 Madhvendra A. Singh Male 11-12-2001 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve CCCC14 Pending
223 Atharva M. Jagdale Male 20-01-2006 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden CCCC13 Done
224 Mrudula M. Parande Female 20-02-1996 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound CCCC11 Pending
225 Vedant V. Lacchode Male 18-06-2010 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden cccc10 Done
226 Manali K. Ingale Female 23-07-2001 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve cccc09 Done
227 Parag R. Sonkusare Male 14-09-2007 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden cccc08 Done
228 Abhishta P. Gajbhiye Female 21-08-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden cccc06 Done
229 Dhanesh Bharat B. Shirke Male 20-04-2001 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden BBBB99 Done
230 Nikita G. Nayak Female 18-03-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB95 Done
231 Madhavi P. Shanbhag Female 14-06-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB94 Done
232 Bhavya R. Doshi Male 23-01-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB93 Done
233 Zun Noorain A. Khan Male 21-11-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB92 Pending
234 Arya Y. Kulkarni Male 11-09-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB91 Done
235 Monghjibhai N. Patel Male 21-07-1986 Gujarat Bamboo Wooden BBBB90 Done
236 Sakshi G. Dubey Female 15-07-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB89 Done
237 Ajit Sunil C. Topno Male 22-11-1970 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB88 Done
238 Kuldeepkumar R. Patel Male 16-04-1994 Gujarat Bamboo Wooden BBBB87 Done
239 Rajendrakumar B. Prajapati Male 13-04-1986 Gujarat Bamboo Wooden BBBB84 Done
240 Niravkumar I. Solanki Male 22-05-1997 Gujarat Bamboo Wooden BBBB83 Done
241 Annamalai T. Male 05-07-1998 Tamil Nadu Barebow Bamboo Wooden BBBB81 Done
242 Bharath Raajhen R. Male 10-08-2005 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve BBBB79 Done
243 Smit A. Patil Male 11-08-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB78 Done
244 Ketan J. Jadhav Male 20-04-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB77 Done
245 Yashwardhan R. Raut Male 04-03-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB76 Done
246 Kapish D. Satghare Male 11-04-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB75 Done
247 Kshitij R. Satghare Male 01-02-2009 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB74 Done
248 Swara B. Patel Female 15-10-2006 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB73 Pending
249 Aryan U. Babardesai Male 15-12-2007 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB72 Done
250 Maitreyee J. Satghare Female 19-08-2001 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB71 Done
251 Dhruv J. Satghare Male 07-11-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB69 Done
252 Goutam Gourav M. Male 02-11-2003 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB68 Done
253 Nikhil G. Male 19-05-2002 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB67 Done
254 Sagar S. Male 09-12-1999 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB66 Done
255 Aryan Rajan S. Male 28-10-2004 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB65 Done
256 Anish Rajan S. Male 07-08-2002 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB64 Done
257 Naman N. Male 01-07-2006 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB63 Done
258 Rahul B. Male 16-08-2004 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB62 Done
259 Vishwakumar Lochab A. Male 09-08-2004 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB61 Done
260 Sundeep M. Male 10-04-1997 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB60 Done
261 Sarthak M. Punde Male 12-05-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB59 Done
262 Bharat Sharma T. Male 30-06-1999 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB58 Done
263 Tanmay G. Agnihotri Male 03-05-2006 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB57 Done
264 Tanishka D. Gujral Female 06-06-1998 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB56 Done
265 Rhea Mary J. Nair Female 05-05-1998 Mumbai Maharashtra Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB55 Done
266 Swaraj Shashank S. Ghosalkar Male 11-08-2003 Mumbai Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden BBBB54 Done
267 Atharva D. Sarangle Male 21-07-2008 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB53 Done
268 Kavya Vasudha V. Khandelwal Female 23-06-2005 Mumbai Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB51 Done
269 Jagadesh D. Male 18-11-1993 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve BBBB50 Done
270 Malarmesai Bagavan D. Male 27-06-1968 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve BBBB49 Done
271 Himanshi S. Female 16-10-2002 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB48 Done
272 Anjali V. Jadhav Female 24-10-2009 Other Maharashtra Bamboo Wooden BBBB47 Done
273 Harsh Chauhan T. Male 03-12-2003 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB46 Done
274 Nirvan P. Ghateshahi Male 25-09-2009 Other Maharashtra Barebow Recurve BBBB45 Done
275 Kusum J. Female 06-01-2006 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB44 Done
276 Renuka K. Sapkale Female 07-08-2008 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB43 Done
277 Sapna Dhankar K. Female 23-08-1997 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB42 Done
278 Tanish D. Koli Male 06-11-2010 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB41 Done
279 Megha Sharma S. Female 01-03-1999 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB40 Done
280 Nipun D. Koli Male 11-03-2007 Other Maharashtra Freestyle Recurve BBBB39 Done
281 Tarunkumar Dixit V. Male 08-05-2002 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB38 Done
282 Sahil Kadam C. Male 03-01-2003 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB37 Done
283 Mohit Sharma P. Male 08-07-2002 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB36 Done
284 Dwij H. Verma Male 07-04-2014 Other Maharashtra Longbow BBBB35 Done
285 Jatin Kumar K. Male 17-06-2003 Haryana Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB34 Done
286 Trilok Singh A. Male 10-10-2010 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB33 Done
287 Lovepreet Singh K. Male 04-04-2018 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB32 Done
288 Vansh Pawdia R. Male 28-12-2001 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB31 Done
289 Amandeepsingh Attri R. Male 03-02-2001 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB30 Done
290 Saksham Chaudhary R. Male 06-01-2005 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB29 Done
291 Priyabrat Prasad D. Male 06-07-2003 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB28 Done
292 Harsh Chaudhary S. Male 13-03-2005 Haryana Barebow Bamboo Wooden BBBB27 Done
293 Nikhilesh Sharma S. Male 03-10-2000 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB26 Done
294 Anish Singh B. Male 06-04-2004 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB25 Done
295 Vaividhya H. Verma Male 24-12-2008 Other Maharashtra Barebow Bamboo Wooden BBBB24 Done
296 Yash Kaushik R. Male 24-03-2003 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB23 Done
297 Rohit Bhambhu R. Male 24-02-2002 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB22 Done
298 Akash Rawat M. Male 26-07-2000 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB21 Done
299 Pranjul Rajput S. Male 04-05-2001 Haryana Freestyle Recurve BBBB20 Done
300 Arpan S. Bhardwaj Male 10-10-2010 Uttarakhand Freestyle Recurve BBBB19 Done
301 Swadhin B. Sarangi Male 10-09-2004 Uttarakhand Bamboo Wooden BBBB17 Done
302 Aditya R. Chauhan Male 08-01-2005 Other Uttarakhand Freestyle Recurve BBBB16 Done
303 Priyanshu S. Saini Male 11-06-2002 Other Uttarakhand Freestyle Recurve BBBB14 Done
304 Dolly A. Female 10-07-2005 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB13 Done
305 Yogesh Chauhan T. Male 10-05-2005 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB12 Done
306 Rahul Attri L. Male 26-07-2007 Haryana Bamboo Wooden BBBB11 Done
307 Dinakaran K. Male 24-08-1996 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve BBBB09 Done
308 Karthik B. Male 02-06-1992 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Recurve BBBB08 Done
309 Shailesh G. Kumar Male 25-11-1984 Other Uttar Pradesh Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB07 Done
310 Oviya M. Female 16-11-2001 Tamil Nadu Freestyle Unlimited Compound BBBB06 Done