Mumbai Mayor Cup Rules

Kind attention,

Please go through below mentioned revised Rules for Mumbai Mayor Cup Field – Indoor Archery National Championship April 2017.

1. The Archer has to get the complete concerned form with Signature

2. The Archer has to carry proof of birth except the Seniors Category, Photo Copy to be submitted and Original to be carried if anyone asks for original

3.All Equipment and other belongings are Archers self responsibility there shall be no Claim on Mumbai Mayor, instructor, assistant instructors, tournament organizers, school authorities, trustees, Principals, Teachers or event managers legally liable for any damaged, lost or theft.

4. The team Championship and the Championship Trophy will be only entertained to a Valid Club member, State which is member of FAAI and Mumbai Archery Association.

5. The Archer has to abide the rule of Organizer's as laid by. Judges decision will be Final Decision, The organizing committee and host federations hold all rights to change any rules, event schedule without prior notice. Any competitor or their parent /guardian cannot approach to the organising committee directly; they have to approach though their state or club committee for any appeal, information and rules regarding the tournament.

6.If Any Archer has a problem with the Scoring the Archer has to carry his or hers score book along with the score of the person against whose protest is there. Any Archer Can put a protest though their state or club committee if he or she feels so, for any Protest the Archer has to fill the Protest form of FAAI guidelines, while putting a protest the Archer has to Deposit Rs.2000 All Appeal Fees are Non-Refundable under any circumstance .

7.Only Participants whose event are in progress, will be allowed to access the tournament floor during event days, any Coach, Manager, Parent or unauthorized person found on the floor will first will we asked to leave the shooting ground on not doing so will be handed over to Mumbai Police and legal action will be initiated against the same.

8. The payment receipt of the registration of one will be given in the Archers name if he or she is not the member of State or Club of FAAI or Mumbai Archery Association.

9. The Complete Competition will be taken as per the rule of International Field Archery Association

10.While lodging a Complaint or a Protest only the state or club manager whose name is been given to us as a Manager of the affiliated Club or State only has to be there. If the Archer has registered under the individual Category there shall be no other Person to be accompanied for the protest.

11. Lodging and Boarding will not be our responsibility; archer has to bare it by their own.

12. For medal in any event minimum 5 participant should be there for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, if it is three players then only 1st & 2nd place will get medals, if it is two player then only 1st place will get medal

13. For Senior category cash prize will be given to each bow style, if number of participant will be minimum 20 archers

14. Last date for Entries and entry fees submission is 10th April 2017, if 11th April 2017 then entry will accept manually with penalty Rs 500, if on 12th April accept with penalty Rs 1000, if spot entry then accept with penalty Rs 3000.

15. Target face chosen by archer while registration will be used as default target face for whole competition

If you not get your receipt please go to following URL